Thursday, May 10, 2012

Six Weeks

What have you done in the past six weeks? A lot of that time was probably devoted to daily chores. For me, those daily activities were suspended as I babysat my daughter's kitchen renovation in Northern Virginia, went to Pittsburgh for a weekend to see my Aunt and help my cousin with various financial issues for our Aunt. My husband is here to pick me up. Tomorrow I head for home. Besides simply missing my husband --a lot, I found that I missed the daily routine of life in my own house. I was able to work from here on my laptop--editing my book for Desrt Breeze, completing two articles, doing the reserach for another and the interviews! But it was not the same. I am slower now at writing since I am older but being away means, for me, work a turtle pace. Technology is great, but the comforts of home are even better. Countdown to the new book release will begin on June 1--I need to do yet another edit on it today before I leave the DC area.

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