Friday, June 8, 2012

Business or Family

Yesterday I received the kind of call that every story performer loves. It was especially sweet for a performer/ writer like myself. I was asked to appear as a teller at a group meeting of writers! But the date was April 20, 2013. Therein lies the problem. The trip required an overnight stay. Not a problem except that April 20 is my husband's birthday. I asked him if he wanted to go--half hearted asking really because he hates to plan that far ahead and does not like to attend story functions. He has gone to a few but...... So after receiving his negative reply, I called the woman back and told her that I could not accept their generous fee, offer of potential prime billing. My husband's birthday comes first, I told her. And indeed it does. Gigs and money come and go. Famiiy if love and life and all things important.

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